BPOA General Meeting - Minutes

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Nineteen Restaurant 7:30 PM

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. Joyce Owens, President, greeted those in attendance

and led The Pledge of Allegiance. Officers present were: Joyce Owens, President; Doreen

Thornton, Vice President; Diane Hughes, Beautification Committee; David Hughes, Roads

Committee; Betty Utley, Secretary, Bryce Acer, Treasurer. Thirty-three (33) people were in


2. Minutes from the March 10, 2020 General Meeting were read and approved. General

comments were expressed celebrating the purchase and refurbishment of the golf course by


3. The Treasurer’s Report for 2020 and for Q1 2021 was given by Bryce Acer.

Member Comments and Questions:

Ann Urban asked how many homes are in our BPOA. Bryce responded that there are 405 lots

in Section I and II and that we have 210 paid members to date with some dues still being received.


Rebecca Spaven asked what we do when people don’t pay. Joyce spoke to the limitations of

our actions, fiduciary and legal. She explained that currently we wait and when a property sells

we notify the lawyer of an unpaid accounts.

4. Joyce Owens spoke to the BPOA Election results for 2021: 108 ballots were returned, the

slate of officers as presented were elected.

5. Bryce Acer led the discussion of a Community Social Event for 2021. The third weekend of

October was identified as the planned timing for a community social event. As Ironclad is still

working through licensing requirements, we will look elsewhere for a venue. Bryce asked for

suggestions for an alternate site.

6. Committee Reports were given as follows:

Architectural & Covenants presented by Joyce Owens as this committee chair recently

resigned. Joyce explained we are looking for a volunteer to lead this committee. She

reviewed current processes and identified the following steps to be followed: if

members have a problem with a property they should let a committee member know,

if there is agreement on covenant violation BPOA has a letter that will be sent, the

member making the report will monitor the situation for 30 and apprise the committee

of action/inaction, a second letter can be sent after thirty days, and a third letter from

attorney is sent after sixty days if no action has been taken.


Member Comments and Questions:


Doris Castellano asked if everyone gets a copy of BPOA covenants. Joyce replied that

our covenants are available on our website.


Beautification Committee report presented by Diane Hughes as follows. The front

entrance on Long Leaf Dr. Is now being mowed. Two new fences have been installed

and other fences will be replaced eventually.

Member Comments and Questions:

Ann Urban commented that the front entrance is looking very nice.

Kent Ottaway asked if the person who drove through the fence on Long Leaf will be

paying for it and how much did it all costs. Joyce responded that the fence was $250

and the doggie station was $200 and asked the membership if this should be pursued.

It was identified that there had been two separate occasions where fences were

destroyed. On one occasions only fencing was damaged and on a separate occasion

the fence, stop sign, and doggie station were damaged.

ACTION: Rebecca Spaven made a motion that we investigate toward having the

person responsible for the damage pay for the $500-$600 replacement costs. This

motion was seconded and approved by a show of hands.

Roads Committee report presented by David Hughes as follows. Sound View Drive

North is a private road. Homeowners there are responsible for that road and just

completed a $10,00-$15,000 paving project working with the Marina.

Member Comments and Questions:

Douglas Keetch asked who is responsible for easements and drainage on Country Club

Rd, Bogey Ct., Long Leaf Dr. and commented that there is flooding every time we have

rain. David Hughes responded that DOT is responsible for drainage ditches and that he

will look into it.

A member asked what to do about a drainage problem of frequently standing water in

yards and street on Pine Needle Drive. Joyce Owens explained that this type of runoff is

due to development on surrounding lots. There is nothing in the covenants allowing

BPOA to deal with this situation. It is more effective for each member affected to make

phone calls to Pender County Planning Department, to NC Department of

Environmental Quality, to NC Division of Water, to Army Corps of Engineers. Contact

information for these agencies are given at under

Water Runoff Info.

Welcome Committee reporting was not available at this time.


7. Doreen Thornton spoke to the use of social media for BPOA purposes. She explained that

this has been talked about for some time for Section I & II and asked members to direct ques-

tions and ideas to her for future development.


8. Joyce Owens led the discussion toward a motion to change our by-laws. She proposed that a

change to one general meeting a year instead of quarterly meetings. Members were referred to

a handout given earlier at the meeting showing current Article VIII and the text of proposed revi-

sions. The revision proposes meeting the first Saturday in June at 10 a.m., that members would

be given a 15 day notice, location to be determined.

Member Comments and Questions:

Doris Castellano asked if we could meet twice a year instead of only once a year.

Joyce Owens commented that we would still be able to have special meetings and do business

during the year.

Bryce Acer agreed with Joyce stating we can have a special meeting at our social meeting.

Winifred Weis commented that it is too long a time between meetings if we go to a once a year


Gail Schmidt commented that a fifteen day notice is not enough time.

Joyce Owens commented that we could pursue Zoom meeting options.

Mary Dorsey commented that 10 a.m. is too early a meeting time.

Rebecca Staven commented that this discussion speaks to our perception of our homeowners

association; that the association has to be more in touch with members and promote dialogue.

Steve Johnson commented that one meeting a year may mean seeing less people at meetings.

Preston Stackhouse commented to recommend we consider meeting twice a year.

ACTION: Gail Schmidt made a motion that members not accept the proposed revision. This

motion was seconded. Ken Ottaway asked for consensus motion to meet twice a year. This mo-

tion was seconded by Gail Schmidt. The revision will be rewritten and put on Facebook and our


9. New Business

Joyce Owens asked the membership if anyone will assist her in updating BPOA bylaws and

covenants; that the State of NC and Pender County have regulations passed after our BPOA

began such as the Planned Community Act that make some of our provisions outdated. Mem-

bers responding affirmatively for bylaw asistance: Kent Ottaway, Rebecca Spaven, Bryce Acer.


Members responding affirmatively for covenant assistance: Rebecca Spaven, Doris Castellano,

Mary Dorsey, Kent Ottoway.


Preston Stackhouse asked if we could find a different place for meeting. Joyce asked if mem-

bers are willing to drive further and commented that some members can not drive at night. Cal


Demaio stated he would look into us meeting at Harbor Village Marina.


10. Schedule of remaining Meetings for 2021 presented by Joyce Owens as follows:

September 23 and December 16; 7:30 p.m., location to be determined.

11. This BPOA General Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Betty Utley, Secretary

Read and approved at December 16, 2021 General Membership BPOA Meeting