Belvedere Property Owners Association General Membership Meeting

6 April 2023

6:30 – 8:30 PM

Hampstead Women’s Club


1.      Welcome (Gary Barnes)

2.     Pledge to American Flag (Gary Barnes)

3.     Read and approve minutes of last general meeting (October 8, 2022) Tina Batt

4.     Treasurer’s report (Terry Hamberger)

5.     Committee Reports:

    a.     Architectural Review & Covenants (Kent Ottaway)

    b.     Beautification (Cal DeMaio)

                                                              i.     Adopt-A-Highway (Len Barber)

                                                             ii.     US 17 Entrance

    c.      Roads (Dave Hughes)

    d.     Welcoming (Christan Miller)

    e.     Social Media Coordinator (Michelle Nieber)

6.     Introduction of Elected Officers for 2023

    a.     Gary Barnes (President)

    b.     Christian Klinefelter (Vice President)

    c.      Terry Hamberger (Treasurer)

    d.     Tina Batt (Secretary)

7.     Old Business

    a.     The items below are a few of the recommended changes and additional areas have been discussed
and will be reviewed and incorporated for distribution and voting.

    b.     Remove the associated sections for associate members and sectional vice-presidents

    c.      Initiate terms of officers to two-year terms

    d.     Remove the section naming officers by position

    e.     There will be a meeting in May to prepare the proposed changes, of which, due and timely notice
will be sent out for review and voting.

8.     New Business

a.     Would like to have an annual social event. (Suggestions Welcome)

9.     Areas of Discussion: