BPOA General Meeting

December 16, 2021

Hampstead Library

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm. Joyce Owens, President, greeted those in attendance and led The Pledge of Allegiance. Board members present were Joyce Owens, President, Doreen Thornton, Vice President, Betty Utley, Secretary. 11 members present.

Minutes from the June 24, 2021 General Meeting were read and approved with correction to be made concerning where to find BPOA covenants. This correction has been made and revised minutes submitted.

Business agenda:

Joyce Owens presented a draft proposal for by-laws changes to 2 general meetings per year. This proposal was approved by members present and will be included in upcoming newsletter mailing. Thursday April 7, 2022 and Saturday October 8, 2022 are proposed next meeting dates.

Joyce Owens presented a final expenses report for 2020 and a proposed budget report for 2021. Members present approved the proposed budget as presented.

Joyce Owens informed members present that there is a proposal for speed reduction / speed bumps on Long Leaf Dr. By resident C Quinones. Without the member in attendance this itemwill be tabled for next meeting. Comments included: Doreen Thornton commented on past DO processes: DOT process requires all owners on street requesting this change to sign a petition.

Joyce Owens stated Quinones is checking with DOT to see if this process remains. Another member in attendance, Christan Miller, supports speed bumps and reports knowing that owners on the street get to make the decision through DOT.

Doreen Thornton spoke to our Social Media page for BPOA. There are currently 15 members signed up. Doreen does not have access to everyone’s emails in order to contact people toward more knowledge and usage. This social media page is for all residents of Sections I and II.

Joyce Owens let members know that three people are interested in resuming trash pick up on Country Club. The original schedule was the Saturday following a general meeting. This will go out on a social media page for additional participation.

Joyce Owens explained to members present that BPOA decals are replacing the front license plate frames. These decals, 2 per address, will be included in the annual mailing going out after Christmas to members for dues paid through 2021. Decals are made for placement within inside rear window and replace the license plate frames due to obsolescence of frame measurements.

Joyce Owens spoke to the annual mailing that will go out after Christmas. Included will be: Newsletter, Invoices for 2022 dues, Proposed 2022 Budget, Results of proposed by-law change for 2 meetings a year, Ballot for 2022 officers, car decals.

New Business:

Member Nancy Hansing spoke to an interest in selling property on Fairway Dr in order to fund building tennis courts at the Kiwanis Park. It was explained that this property was previously donated to the Kiwanis Club in 2009 and 1 acre of the 4.9 acre property is sought for the tennis court expenses. She explained this will require a change in the Planning Department and the Master Development Plan, Tennis courts are on the park plans but are not being built. This topic is in preliminary stages. Rebecca Spavin replied requesting clarification. This is in preliminary stages. Member comments for clarification led by Rebecca Spavin and Patrick Morris indicate this property is currently designated as open space, that previous attempts to sell were not approved, that there are no plot numbers assigned to this property, that any sell price is unknown. Action item: Joyce will give Nancy a list of the residents on Fairway, Lake Circle and Dolphin Circle toward informing them of this interest.

Resident Don Paxton spoke to his efforts with Carolina Water Services, reporting unacceptable water issues and asks what can be done. Joyce Owens spoke to boundaries of Pender County water and boundaries of CWS, that this issue has been front and center for BPOA for some years, that some streets do not have issues. She reminded those present of the effort several years ago leading to a large community meeting at the Annex that included NCDEQ participation. This resulted in a CWS filtration system proposal that was seen by most as consumer cost prohibitive. The question was asked if anyone would lead another effort on this topic and no one responded affirmatively. Motion to adjourn was made and seconded.

Submitted by Betty Utley, Secretary